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Neclivis Cold Solutions (NCS) is the first turn-key Cold storage construction company in india comprise of from the Civil works to commissioning as per the client requirements. We provide Design and build services require expertise in the intricacies of these very specialized facilities. Refrigerated warehouses, frozen food distribution centers and grocery freezers are the highest energy- consuming sector per cubic foot in the world. To help reduce energy consumption and improve facility efficiencies cold storage freezers must be properly designed and built, and they must integrate the most energy-efficient systems available.

Neclivis Cold Solutions proven Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system allows you to give your client a unique solution that addresses their post-construction priorities: temperature stability, energy costs, and maintenance.

The Neclivis Cold Solutions TES system has no mechanical components and is the perfect solution to managing energy demand and load inside cold storage facilities. Being system agnostic, we leverage the existing refrigeration equipment to minimize energy costs while simultaneously maintaining temperature control. Our Thermal Energy Storage system works well for new construction, retrofit or refurbishment projects.

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We help our clients with:

  1. Major Civil Works

  2. Pre-Engineered Building

  3. Puffed Panel Installation

  4. Specialized cold room flooring

  5. Refrigeration

  6. MEP

  7. PU/Epoxy special flooring

  8. Racking & Pellet systems

  9. Fire & Safety system enabling

  10. ELV Systems